Saturday, 23 February 2008

marble game

I am so glad to see that even in this age of electronic gadgetry some simple games still exist. Today Doodlebug and MOTH enjoyed a good old-fashioned game of marbles outside and I snuck out to try capturing their fun. It was difficult to see who was getting the most enjoyment out of it.... MOTH is just a big kid after all.........

teddy bear picnic

Little Possum and I had a little tea party in the garden yesterday afternoon. I don't know whether there are fairies at the bottom of our garden, but there were certainly a lot of assorted stuffed toys.....

First we had our refreshments - water sipped daintily from the little porcelain cups and white marshmallows (2 each.... one for each hand...). When everyone was fed and watered we played games. First up was leap frog and everyone had to participate. The next activity was dancing /jumping on the trampoline for LP and playing around with the camera for me.

We even had time for a modified version of Whack-a-mole with me being the Mole under the trampoline. LP was the whacker..... but thankfully she only tapped me on the head.
I can imagine the sight of me crawling around under the trampoline, occasionally pushing my head up would be bemusing to any passers-by. Our neighbours must have stopped wondering now after years of nude trampolining (by the kids, I hasten to add), Jedi doing their light sabre workouts and the odd night out stargazing.
I decided to see if I could take a photo through the trampoline mat.... and it actually worked.
And here's a self portrait by LP...... I really like it!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

My latest addiction

is food. "What's new?" I hear you say, but this is not food for me. This is food for those who really need it. Jordan over at the Wonderwheel recommended this site -Free Rice. This is a website where each time you define a word correctly, 20 grains of rice are donated through the UN World Food Programme. So this morning, through my wordplay, 1000 grains of rice will find their way to someone truly in need. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Friday, 15 February 2008

My little Valentine......

A special message from Turtle...
melted my heart, need I say more?

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Bikes to school

Since we have now had 2 days without rain, the roads are nice and dry. When I suggested riding bikes to school this morning, there was overwhelming excitement from the kids. The boys zoomed ahead while LP and I took things a little more leisurely.... there were a few "scary" sloping bits where LP deemed it safer to get off the bike and walk. At one stage she fell off her bike and emergency cuddles had to be issued before we continued on to school. Brave girl for getting back on again! The boys got twice as much exercise because they would ride on ahead, then turn around and come back looking for us.... then ride on ahead again. I think they pretty much covered each stretch twice! I rode home afterwards at speed, and felt very good... nothing like an early morning surge of endorphines! I was even able to face the breakfast/morning chaos with a smile :)

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Butterfly Garden in progress!

I had been very good and didn't start the first block until after I had finished Sweet Pea, but I was chomping at the bit. Now the applique is underway and I just love working with it.
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Friday, 8 February 2008

The secret to marital bliss

is on the packet... MOTH and I went out for a date to celebrate our anniversary. He told me to meet him in town and I drove in. As I crossed the Harbour Bridge I thought - again - that Sydney must be the nicest town in the world to commute to. At least coming from our direction. You can cross the bridge and have full views to the city, the harbour, the Opera House. It wasn't bad on a rainy night like Wednesday, and it's spectacular on a sunny day. Having met up, we walked down to Lady Macquarie's Chair where the surprise destination became apparent. We were heading for the St George Open Air Cinema to see the world premiere of "Definately Maybe". (Extra brownie points to MOTH for taking me to a chick flick). I don't have any photos of the event because I managed to leave the camera in the car ("DOH!- moment"), but I will attempt to describe it. For starters the weather was quite severe with a thunderstorm and a downpour of rain but we were issued ponchos, and we had our golf umbrella. After reserving our seats we headed for the food tent whereafter we sat down enjoying our food huddling under the umbrella.

I had brought along a little treat.. I found it at the till in Borders while paying for the anniversary present (a DVD with the second series of "the Eagle") and thought it was perfect. It is a bar of the most delicious dark chocolate from Bloomsberry and although it was worth it for the taste of the chocolate alone, the packaging is what really made it (see picture above). We had the most wonderful views as we sat there watching the movie with the backdrop of the harbour, the city, the bridge, the opera house etc. It stopped raining about halfway through so we were able to pull the hoods down and feel a little less clammy.
Leaving the event afterwards I had a little giggle as I watched the crowd move along into the park in our ponchos, looking like we had all been taking part in some pagan ritual. btw - the movie wasn't bad.

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Thursday, 7 February 2008

I'm on a roll now.....

After Suzi's excellent demonstration of how to make cinnamon rolls, I decided to treat the kids to some after school yesterday. They were rather oddly shaped, and had the look of "First Attempt", but the taste was divine. I am glad I took a photo because they did not last long after the children got whiff of them... I did however get a nice taster because the whole batch didn't fit on the plate..... aaaah what a shame.... :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

"Sweet Pea" is complete

Here it is, in all its rustic beauty....... a little wonky but made with a whole lot of love and enthusiasm. Hopefully the little Sweetpea recipient will enjoy having and using it as much as I enjoyed making it!
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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Stacy tagged me....

The rules:
A. The rules are posted at the beginning
B. Answer the questions about yourself
C. Tag 5 people, let them know in a comment on their blogs that they have been tagged.

What were you doing 10 yrs ago?
10 yrs ago I was living in London, working as a recovery nurse and also doing a one year part-time course at university in nursing research. I was sharing a house with some wonderful people and occasionally had the missionaries over for meals. A Finnish elder by the name of Leppanen came over one time.....

Snacks I enjoy:
Fruit (esp mangoes)
Bombay mix
cinnamon rolls

Five things on my to-do list today (actually for tomorrow since I didn't have one today):
1. Remember to send library bags to school with the kids
2. work
3. Go with Serena to see her new house
4. A ton of phone calls
5. FHE

Things I would do if I became a billionaire:
1. Tithe
2. Buy a house
3. Buy a new car or two....
4. Engage a personal trainer
5. After the personal training has worked off - buy a new wardrobe
6. Buy lots of books!
7. Go on lots of holidays....

3 bad habits:
1. Short-tempered
2. I am not very kind to myself
3. Completely and utterly disorganised

5 places I have lived:
1. Oslo, Norway
2. Lampang, Thailand
3. Chicago, Illinois,
4. London, England
5. Sydney, Australia

Jobs I have had:
1. On the factory floor of a pharmaceutical company
2. Au-pair
3. Secretary
4. Retail - selling water beds
5. Nurse
6. Mother

Things people don't know about me: (I have to try hard to find something not already covered in my 100th post.....)
1. I am afraid of the dark (goes back to a very scary movie I snuck out of bed to watch on TV as a child)
2. I used to be athletic... (and you wouldn't know that to see me now....)
3. I turned down a job at McKinsey & Company to become a nurse
4. The hardest thing for me to do is to teach a lesson in RS.

I tag:
Jordan at theWonderwheel
May Kristin