Saturday, 5 October 2013

A new addiction is born

Due to an injury I have been confined to the house for a while, mostly with my leg elevated. I have knitted, crocheted, read.... Finding all sorts of ways to pass the time. Because we want to teach the YW how to make a journal using some sort of stitched binding, I needed to learn how to do it myself. "See one, do one, teach one".
My lovely friend Tina taught me the basics and off I went... 
This was the first one. Covered in handmade paper. The paper on the front cover was actually originally from the wrapping of a wedding present we received almost 15 years ago.  
Having stitched one journal under Tina's supervision, I felt more confident, and more followed:

A small square notebook
Another journal

A bigger square journal with kraftpaper pages.

A more vintage looking book... 
A small Notebook for Little Possum. She wanted a book to write what makes her happy ever day. So her "Happy Book" came to be, with brightly coloured pages and bound in colourful hemp thread. Now she has her very own gratitude journal, just like Mum.....
Then I got a little bit fancy. I stitched buttons on some Osnaberg fabric and embroidered stems. I decided to try a little French lattice binding over a ribbon:

.... I'm now set for journals for a while..... but that will probably not stop me from making more, because there are still new techniques to try out!

My name is Mari. I'm an addict.


  1. There is something indescribably wonderful and special about a hand-made book ... from start to finish. Your books look simply lovely.

  2. Thank you for those kind comments. I had so much fun making the books :)

  3. Oh these are beautiful, how lovely to learn a new technique, I can see why you might be addicted....


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