Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Walk like an Egyptian...

Doodlebug just spent 2 half days at a holiday activity learning about Egyptian mythology. He now knows more about the ancient gods of Egypt than I do (not difficult since I have a scant knowledge in this area). Part of their workshop was to make these amulets. From top left:

Ankh (Granting life. All the gods carry it, and suffusing someone with life-force is represented by presenting an Ankh to their mouth),

Scarab beetle (the scarab had the power of seemingly giving new life from nothing but itself, and due to its habit of pushing dung balls was the symbol of the invisible power of creation which propels the sun through the skies)

The eye of Horus (Brings the blessings of strength, vigour, protection, safety, good health.... ). I have been educated....

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