Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas presents

Santa came in the night!!! We must all have been good this year because we received some great presents! Doodlebug got a bike with gears and his excitement was matched by Turtle who finally had his wish of a Nintendo DS fulfilled. Little Possum wanted some more furniture and things for her doll's house and some Polly Pocket stuff. Happiness all around. My present was unexpected as I had more or less given up on ever getting one..... I got a bike too!!! Santa must have heard about my goal for next year of getting fit and informed his local representative! Peter's presents were books and a set with hair clippers and a euphemistically named "personal grooming set" - a little cutter with attachments that are mostly obsolete because Peter does not have a beard or moustache (I suppose he'll be ready for next Movember!)..... but it has a nosehair attachment.... :) Santa left a photo of Doodlebug's bike and a message explaining that the reindeer were tired and didn't manage to bring the bike all the way to our house, but that they had stopped off at the grandparents' house and left it there.

YES!!! Finally!!!

And here I am practising barbering on Doodlebug's hair..... he was very brave being my guinea pig, and it's a good thing that school is another month away because he did look like he had been attacked by a psycho lawnmower...... Turtle went second and by then I had worked out that '3mm' was not the same as a 'no3'


  1. it will probably be a lot of practices before Peter lets you near his head with that thing!

  2. He did let me trim his neck..... very trusting of him :)

  3. HAHA! even longer before he lets you near his nose :o)

  4. I love hime dearly, but there are limits........ he can do his own nose :)


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