Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Beware the mummy!

This is the week of our wet bandaging treatment for LP's eczema. It was supposed to be an in-patient thing, but when we arrived at the children's hospital, they offered us the "Hospital at Home" scheme instead so after the initial assessment and treatment at the hospital we left the wombat room and headed for home.

LP was such a little trooper, standing patiently while all the bandaging (3 layers) was going on... and she still managed to give me a kiss afterwards!

The nurses will come to our house to do the dressings this week, and we get to have all the comforts of home. LP is a little disappointed, she rather liked the look of the playrooms at the hospital. But, we are doing well at home.


  1. Whoa! Eczema runs in my family but I've never heard of this treatment. I'll look forward to hearing how it goes for her!

  2. Wow..she is so brave. Good luck to you all. I am glad yu get to stay home. the hospital can be fun for about 1 day...and then you wich you were home again.


  3. Glad to hear it - how's she going all bandaged now??? What a beautiful mummy you make LP. (Fil will bring round oasis ball to church if you are there)


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