Wednesday, 20 May 2009

buddy numbers make number buddies!

Here is what Little Possum and I get up to make learning maths a little more fun. One pack of cards is all we need.

Here we are learning buddy numbers, adding up to 10. Remove all facecards and 10's. We put the cards in rows like solitaire. LP has to find the buddy number pairs from the top row and then we see how many pairs we can make. (for the more advanced maths brains in the household we keep the facecards, raise the goal number and encourage using combinations of several cards to add up to the goal number).

Variations on snap.... if you can add up the values of the cards you get to keep the pair. There is also the basic "war" card game where you each put down a card and whoever has the highetst value wins the pair. Good way to learn number values for the beginner maths brain (like myself)

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