Friday, 29 May 2009

starts, progress and almost finishes......

The camera battery is on charge, so I will have to add photos later.. I'm working away on the challenge of completing a project every month. I failed miserably last month, but will just scrape in with a quilt this month, I just have to complete the binding.

My Texas stars are progressing - almost 7 rows now. Handpiecing is slow but satisfying.
I finally have all the packs for Butterfly Garden. I did the first block but then waited until I have all the packets so that I can proceed. Today I have pieced together 3 of the blocks ready for applique. Did I mention that I have starte the 4th block of "Once upon a time"?. Oh yes. /contented sigh/

I have started a few more projects.... because (and I have justification down to a fine art!) I will need to have projects to finish for later in the year! without a start there'll be no finish.
My local quiltshop (which happens to be a very well stocked establishment) is having its annual sale. Dangerous times. Today I went in for some Vliesofix and came out 45 min later with the said Vliesofix and then some. Surely not an unfamiliar story amongst those out there who are similarly afflicted quiltaholics?

My name is Mari and I'm an addict.....

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