Thursday, 15 October 2009

our freecycle treasure

Found among the gumtrees in our garden:

It doesn't look very flash. A little weather-worn, the green/white stripes not as bright as they once were. This is one of our Freecycle finds. We thought we were getting just a straight -forward hammock, but we got so much more! It may look like a hammock.... but it's actually a lava-boat, where the kids float around on a dangerous sea of lava, swaying precariously trying to avoid accidentally falling in.

Covered with blankets it makes a fantastic base for the Turtle/Possum club:

And then the blankets are put on top of the hammock, and it becomes a spaceship, a boat for exploring, or simply a place to relax and have a little snooze on a pleasant school holiday afternoon:

And then the blankets are all taken away and it takes on its disguise as a hammock again. Until next time... who knows what it'll become then?

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  1. looks great Mari
    i love your garden
    love you too


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