Tuesday, 22 January 2013

back for more

I have had a long break from blogging... and also from quilting/sewing. But I started to miss it, so I'm back for more. I declared 2013 to be a year for completing projects - both a long list/big pile of UFO's sitting in my craft room, as well as those projects I have been planning but not quite got around to, like this bag:

This was one of Little Possum's favourite jeans skirts which she would wear with the most colourful tights or leggings and a lot of panache. But she outgrew it. I didn't want to part with it, and thought that the straight design would make it fairly easy to turn into a tote. I boxpleated the base, made a lining and a handle. Hey presto. 3 years in the planning, an hour in the making......

Turtle has been asking for his own bedspread for over year now, but he was very specific about colours (black, orange, green and turquoise) and pattern - he wanted lot of squares in varying sizes, randomly arranged. My muse deserted me, and I couldn't really think of a design that would meet his requirements, until he started playing Tetris, and I thought we could work with that. He agreed to increase the number of colours. 

Here's what we came up with:

It will be quilted soon , not sure about whether to just have it done in a grid pattern, or something more elaborate. I decided that a border would confuse the pattern, so I will just bind it in black without a border.

The back is pieced:

This quilt has sat around waiting for me to bind it, and I finally got around to it:

I'm quite pleased with my gemstones, front and back.