Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Japanese prints "Gathered in"

Back in 2010 I bought a layer cake of Japanese prints. It was unplanned. I had probably made the trip to the quilt shop to purchase some thread or something small when the layer cake caught my eye and spoke to me. (Actually, it may have been shouting .... "BUY ME! PLEASE!). Ever obedient to the voices, I made the purchase and brought the fabrics home waiting for the perfect project idea or pattern.

As it happened I didn't have to wait long. Down Under Quilts (or is it Quilts Down Under?) published a pattern by Kate Conklin and it was perfect. I decided on a crisp blue/white look, and here is the result:
I shadow quilted the small squares,using light grey thread in the centre panels and red for the border.
I wanted a pieced backing - stashbusting again. I had some blue white striped cotton - almost like ticking, and used that. (Looks a bit odd in the photo, though). 

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  1. It looks wonderful! Love the stark contrast between the black and white.


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