Thursday, 11 September 2008

Fairy Birthday - rampaging dragons and one beautiful little fairy

I'm a little short on photos from the party itself since auntie Jane took most of the photos while I was doing facepainting and other things. The party went really well, thanks to my helpers and despite the rampaging dragons......
here's the birthday fairy, looking beautifully poised and quite regal....

and here are rampaging dragons. I was quite pleased with how the dragon costumes came out - and so were the boys.. On the day of the party they were dressed at 7am ready for action. I did not give in to their request for blow torches that they wanted for authentic flame breath, though......
Turtle tried to lift off with the help of the helium balloons, but discovered that 12 balloons were not quite enough - thankfully. He will be the one to set off on a deckchair tied to balloons, I'm sure!


  1. You are amazing - what a party!!!

  2. I just saw all this on facebook and I'm blown away - I love the colours (and how it's not all girly and pink but deep greens etc.) Hope you look back at it with fond memories and not too much stress.

  3. That is so amazing!!! I'm totally impressed. What a beautiful party.

  4. love all this Mari
    loks awesome
    lots lv bron

  5. What an amazing party! I love that the boys got to be dragons, if you can't stop them hassling the girls might as well make it part of the party, brilliant!


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