Monday, 8 September 2008

yearbook fun

Thanks to Teemu who set us onto the website of Yearbook Yourself , we've been belly-laughing for hours playing with our photos to change our appearances. I find myself married to this handsome specimen

I realised I have been letting myself go, so I went and spruced myself up with a lovely beehive to match!

I think the early 60's suited me well. By freaky (or not so freaky) coincidence, I look a lot like my mother did then....

The 80's were a little scary with the perms, so I find myself drawn to the no-fuss bob of the mid 90's.... Come to think of it, I did have a no fuss bob then.... except I wasn't blonde. Looking at it makes me want to cut my hair short again!

Just look at our beautiful offspring:

And another hour went by at the computer, but much hilarity was found....


  1. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!! What a crack up!

  2. Oh, how funny!! Now I know where I'll be spending far too much time tonight...!

  3. That is the funniest thing ever!

  4. I still laugh every time I see them on face book, now I just have to click onto your blog for another added laugh of the chilluns beautiful that they are! :+))


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