Friday, 13 February 2009

bushfire appeal

There's been a long break in my blogging. The last week has been introspective as my heart goes out to the victims of the Victorian bushfire and as I count my blessings.

How to help? I have donated cash to the Australian Red Cross appeal, and will put the binding on this quilt

It was always intended as a charity quilt, but just hasn't found a cause yet - I think I just found one.

Next Fri (20th) Woolworths is having a special trading day where 100% of the profits will be donated to the Bushfire appeal.

Silent (quilty) auctions are cropping up:

Handmade Helps Out
Melly and Me
Maree (On my Verandah)

I will be adding to it so come back tomorrow to see my auction items. All proceeds will go to the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

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  1. That is going to be lovely all bound up for the auction. I shopped at Coles today and bought a year's supply of washing poweder! Hope that washing powder had a good profit margin. Next week at Woolies it will be tiolet paper :)
    Thanks for directing me to the other blogs to help too.


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