Sunday, 15 February 2009

silent auction update

I had hoped yesterday to have my items finished, photographed and on the blog ready for the silent auction to start.... but I'm not quite there yet.
I can tell you what some of the items will be, though:

I have made some more pencil rolls like these

Remember this? "I Spy" was lost and FOUND!!
Since I had given up on on getting it back, and that it's reappearance this week was a complete surprise, I have decided that fate has intervened :) I completed the last block and assembled the quilt top yesterday, and will start quilting it tomorrow.

I'll also have some patterns and other smaller items.

While I was sewing yesterday I was listening to ABC radio where they were having a special appeals day not just for the bushfire victims but also for those affected by the floods in Queensland. I was happy to hear about the opening of hearts and wallets all over Australia. The ingenious ways money is being raised by young and old. In times of great tragedy, despite difficult economic times, compassion and generosity prevail.

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  1. Mari that is soooo exciting you foind your quilt..tell me how ???
    lots lv


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