Monday, 23 February 2009

master and apprentice

Padawan Doodlebug had to pass the next stage of his apprenticeship with Jedi Geek master MOTH teaching him how to build his own lightsaber computer. After a trip to Geek Heaven Computer Parts store to buy the necessary parts, they sat themselves down in the middle of the kitchen for this most important Rite of Passage. It was hard to tell who enjoyed it the most, but at the end of it the kids have a working computer and Doodlebug has earned his very own polyester shirt complete with pocket protector.

The decision to build a new computer was made mostly because the kids insist on using ours complaining that theirs is too slow...... spoilt, they are :) In my day I was lucky to have a stick to scratch in the dirt with for entertainment. OK, I admit that's a slight exaggeration...
(On a completely different topic I can report furious activity on the quilting front.... The promised auction quilt has had a couple of re-pick moments but is progressing beautifully)

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  1. Oh, looks like such fun (maybe not for us but for boys!) Can't wait to see your finished quilt.


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