Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Can you say a-d-d-i-c-t-i-o-n ?

My name is Mari and I'm a serial quilter :)
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I know I'm in good company out here in the quilt-blogging world when I stand up and confess my addiction to fabrics :)   Not just the fabrics themselves, but planning what to turn them into, and then of course the work itself. /happy sigh/

These are the bundles that somehow found their way into my house in the last week:
A lovely layer cake full of cheerfulness

Saffron Craig's "Fields" range with some extra homespuns to keep them company

This 'Fat Roll' from Wyndham Fabrics' Fiona range.
Fat rolls are new to me ( the fabric ones at least!) but this was an eBay bargain I couldn't let pass me by.

And when I didn't buy any bundles, I have grouped some of my stash into bundles for some planned projects:

These lovelies are for a redwork quilt I will be doing after a pattern by Tita Leach. I have to have something to satisfy my need for needleturn now that Butterfly Garden is coming to an end.

And last but not least this bundle that I am gathering for Doodlebug's bedspread:
These are the sketches I have been playing with. (I really want EQ 7..)
Jigsaw puzzle quilt (currently Doodlebug's favourite)
or "Garden Spikes" from here


  1. Oh, you have a problem all right! Good thing you're not the only one. LOL I really love your bundle of reds. BG nearly at an end? Can we see some pics please, please??

  2. I LOVE your Keiki layer cake, Heather Ross and Wyndham Fabric fabrics! What is a fat roll?


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