Saturday, 21 August 2010

diversional therapy

Today I needed some diversional therapy for a couple of reasons. I suspect I have a dental abscess, and the pain in my jaw is making me feel very bear'ish indeed. Time to retreat to my happy place :)

So I decided to play with my new Marti Mitchell "Strippers" templates and a Moda 'Fandango' jelly roll.

First I made this runner:

Instead of batting, I used a medium weight fusible interfacing. I backed it with a plain seeded homespun.

There was still plenty of homespun and I didn't use the whole jelly roll, so I thought I would make some placemats. There will be 8 in total, but I only managed to finish off 3 before I had to go make dinner.
well - I have to save some fun for later :)

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  1. Your table runner is so funky, love the zigzag piece through the centre. Hope the teeth feel better soon!


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