Tuesday, 29 January 2008

First Day of School

Here they are - my school children..... They were part excited and part apprehensive on this first day at a new school.
The school bags were packed and I am suffering with RCI (Repetitive Contacting Injury) after covering 14 textbooks and 28 exercise/project/scrap books with contact. By the 20th book I was really getting the hang of it, managing to not get bubbles or to stick the contact to other surfaces....

Drop off went well this morning - we stayed until the end of assembly in the school yard has finished. The children all lined up with their classes. Little Possum gave us a kiss and cuddle before lining up and then a wave as she walked into her classroom with her friends.... Looking a little apprehensive, but not even a fake show of "let me go home again and stay with you"..... completely insensitive to her mother's feelings.... LOL.... is this the thanks I get?... I had a little tear in my eye as they walked in, feeling so proud of my beautiful children but also a little sad at the end of an era. So here I am, at home.... alone.... LP had suggested I could talk to the guinea pigs if I get lonely, and even if they don't speak human they can squeak back to me and keep me company.
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  1. Now you've got no excuse but to finish all those UFOs and come round and visit me as much as possible :o)

    Ooh, we can do daytime packing of foil pouches... deep breath, let me compose myself (way too excited)lol

    p.s I think Lucy is going to LOVE school :o)

  2. How fun!! Can't wait until tomorrow - Madi starts then. She is dying to go back to school. Next week Cooper starts preschool. Then it is just Rylee and me two days a week - I might actually get some things accomplished.

  3. Oh, they look angelic in their school uniforms! I can't believe Lucy didn't even indulge you with one little grimace. Hope your RCI rememdies itself (I'm sure it will require MUCH REST and possibly a massage and manicure!).


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