Saturday, 26 January 2008


"Where queues you control the action"

We had promised the kids we would take them to Jamberoo for a day during the school holidays so we set off, with the esky loaded, swimmers and towels ready and a movie in the portable DVD player. After 2 hours of "are we there yet?" and then another 40 min of "you said it would only take 2 hours", we finally arrived. The park was fairly busy and queues long for the more popular rides, but everyone queued cheerfully and had a great time.

First up was The Rock which had two jump off points. All the boys had a go at that one:

The Gold Rush House was great fun - a play with water squirters, water sprays, water slides, buckets... all the ingredients that would make a child happy especially in these days of water restrictions! Here was the opportunity for waterfights, and pretty much anyone was a target!

And here comes MOTH with the Turtle... the facial expressions are wonderful, particularly the last shot when MOTH discovers how shallow the pool is as he hits the bottom.

And then there was the famous Taipan ride......

There were several other rides that I didn't take photos off - white rapids, surf slide (waterslide using a foam mat) bobsleigh, wave pool and more..... we spent a happy 5 hours here before the park closed and we had to leave.


  1. That looks great fun! curious about the name MOTH.. is this because he is mesmerized by the bright light of a computer screen and has a fetish for nibbling on clothes?

  2. Man Of The House.....
    But he is also attracted to the computer screen.... :)

  3. Now you've made me want to go back there! Why aren't you in the water??!

  4. I heard the Japanese "research vessels" were still around... didn't want to risk a harpoon...


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