Saturday, 26 April 2008

ANZAC day - Lest we forget

A sprig of rosemary in remembrance of Anzac Cove, where the rosemary bushes grew in abundance

Every year, LP goes to Grandma Marnie's house to make Anzac biscuits. These biscuits were called Soldier's biscuits until after Gallipoli and their origins are fascinating: During WWI mothers and wives were worried about their men receiving adequate nutrition. The problem with sending care packages to them was the length of transport from Australia to Europe and the lack of refrigeration. So these Soldier's biscuits came about. Biscuits with as much nutrition as possible packed into them - oats, coconut, sugar, bicarb soda, water and golden syrup or treacle to bind everything together in lieu of eggs.

This is the "Hobart", a navy light cruiser that Peter's granddad served on. We honour his contribution to WWII on Anzac Day.

And every Anzac Day Pop (Peter's Dad) marches in the big parade in Sydney. We watched the parade on TV and waited eagerly until we could see him wave. Next year I would like to take the kids to the dawn service, and go into town to watch the parade. I'd really like for the children to learn to appreciate the significance of this day, to learn to truly honour the memory of all who have fought and to learn true gratitude for the blessing of living in a country that is free and prosperous.

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