Thursday, 3 April 2008

my little angels

their wings are slightly tattered around the edges, but still...... when I see them asleep I suddenly can't remember the frustrations of "Witching Hour". The boys decided this week that they would like to sleep in the same bed. Fine by me. Their sleeping arrangements have always been changeable - from separate rooms to sharing rooms and back to separate rooms again. Our bed is also a favoured stopover in the night. They are so adept at sneaking into our bed that most of the time I don't wake up - they just slide in under the doona and snuggle up - They are thankfully not restless sleepers!


  1. What a sweet picture. They are adorable. I love it when my boys sleep together. Sigh.

  2. you such a ggod mum Mari.this is buddy brothers.know what you mean bout the witching hour....soooo cute...when they asleep
    lv bron

  3. Yeah, kids are so cute when they're asleep :-) I know the feeling...


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