Saturday, 26 April 2008

happiness is......

a Nutella sandwich......... at least in the eyes of Turtle who happens to believe firmly that chocolate is one of the major food groups the only food group that matters..... (ok, so he is obviously my son). He went through so much Nutella at one stage that we set down a new rule - only one Nutella sandwich per day. So, the Turtle Special "TripleDecker Sandwich with Triple Lot Nutella" was born. (He's too smart.....) .
The angle on the photo is wrong so you can't see the size of this thing, nor the thick layers of Nutella oozing out from between the slices. I believe there may have been more Nutella than bread, and the bread was serving as a sort of napkin to hold on to the Nutella.........
So how do we persuade a child who would happily live off chocolate and who considers fruits/vegetables to be evil, that he needs to eat a balanced diet in order to grow big and strong and healthy? Ironically he is bigger, stronger and every bit as healthy as his older brother who could be a poster boy for the fruit/vegetable growing industry........
While I ponder that, I think I'll just ask Turtle to make me a sandwich, because looking at the photo is making me hungry....................... :)


  1. I can't even have it in the house or it's ME who eats the whole jar! Way to go with that triple decker!

  2. I want to see the picture of Mari and her triple decker Nutella sandwich :+))

  3. Sorry, no can do - My camera has gone missing. (phew..!)

  4. Hey I've always got mine......I might come round one day and spring you, he he


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