Sunday, 27 April 2008

end of the school holidays

School holidays this time coincided with the recordbreaking longest stretch of rainy days for 77 years. But we did have a few hours respite on most days where we could enjoy a break in the rain. Back in The Old Country the saying goes "there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing", weather is no hindrance to getting out to play. But we've gone soft since moving here.... I haven't bought wellies/gumboots for the kids for years because in times of drought and occasional downpours, there just hasn't been a need for them. I wish we had them these past couple of weeks, though!

But, enough about the weather..... here's a photo from the park. It was one of those precious times when all 3 children played together (usually there's one that wants to do his/her own thing so the other two pair off).


  1. all in red too... that would be nice for a red scrapbooking layout!

  2. After this winter in Finland I personally would not mind if I never had to dress another kid in rubber clothes again! :-)

  3. I remember all the winter clothes. And, by the time all the layers were on, there was always someone who needed to go to the toilet.... :)


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