Saturday, 3 May 2008

my baby is growing up!!

Another milestone has been reached today as we took the training wheels off LP's bicycle. She got the hang of it surprisingly quickly, and bravely set off down the pavement with Daddy. We're still a little on the wobbly side, zig-zagging all over the place but getting straighter all the time. I loved the look on her face, going from intense concentration (complete with her tongue sticking out) to sheer exhilaration and pride as she conquered the balancing.

For Turtle it was also a big day as he was the recipient of his very first brand-new big boy bike with gears. He's had a bit of a growth spurt and was no longer safe on his little bike as he barrels down the pavement. Instead of having to wait for a birthday or Christmas, he got a surprise instead as Peter brought him to the bike shop after soccer. No photo of The Turbo-charged Turtle yet as he is a little camera shy. I'll get him though........

Oh, by the way...... this obviously means I found the missing camera again!!!!!


  1. soooooooo glad you found the that was a are so funny Mari love the post about the book shop.your lil possum is very cute still
    lv bron

  2. Lucy's off her Learners! (another tissue moment for Mum)

  3. Yeah! We are still trying to get Madi to get rid of her's. She has made a few attempts, but in the end always wants the training wheels put back on. Someday!

    Glad you found your camera!


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