Tuesday, 27 May 2008

nothing's impossible

Our little one-armed bandit is adapting well to his new circumstances. Yesterday evening I spotted him playing DS and was impressed by his one-handed game. He'd managed playing Pokemon quite well since it's a slow game, but now we have progressed to Crash Bandicoot. It is amazing what can be accomplished if the motivation and desire is strong enough.
Doodlebug is enjoying his cast at the moment. At school, children with injuries are not let out to roam freely during playtime at lunch, I suppose the school is worried about further injury. The alternative? Free access to the computer lab! So Doodlebug was as happy as a pig in mud yesterday because he got to spend playtime in Club Penguin.
Last night Doodlebug informed me he doesn't want his cast off on Thursday. At first I thought maybe he was a little worried about what is under the cast/having his stitches out etc. But, no.. he doesn't want to lose his new computer privileges!

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  1. So glad little one is better, just read the accident blog every mothers worst nightmare!! I was so lucky never had really sick kids never a trip to the emergency first hospital experience was when eldest dd was 16 she had a tumour and half her thyroid removed, it was a bad week between diagnosis & removal(and benign status discovered), as milaw had thyroid cancer I was so grateful no chemo
    makes you glad for healthy kids, I work in a hospital & every time I go to palliative care I realise I have nothing to whinge about!! on a brighter note do you likr Xmas? I am having a give away come visit!!


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