Saturday, 17 May 2008

soccer Saturday

Doodlebug had his game first thing this morning, but since LP was still fast asleep, I stayed at home with her while the boys and Peter went down for the first game of the day. At lunchtime it was Turtle's turn. He wanted to ride his bike down to the game, so I went with him. We pulled up just in time for the game with Turtle nicely warmed up and me nearing cardiac arrest. I could obviously do with riding there more often....

The game was greatly entertaining, although I am still getting used to the new SSG format. I love this age group. In most of the game there is far more enthusiasm than ability. Somehow they're not really worried about the outcome of the game as much as just enjoying playing. We had some great passes today, and some great goals. Turtle showed great form (he's shirt no 9) and I noticed that he favours kicking with his left foot although he is a right hander. Peculiar


  1. That bottom photo's a beautie.

  2. Hello from Norway
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