Friday, 30 May 2008

200th post!!!

I wasn't sure what I would do to mark the occasion of my 200th post. I couldn't think of another 100 things to say about myself, besides I wouldn't want to set a trend. I had thought to have a giveaway, but I haven't been organised enough to do it for this post...... I will be doing one in the next week though, so check in once in a while if you would like a chance of winning it :)

What I do want to do is to dedicate this post to Peter who is responsible from bringing me out of my technological Luddite-ness, giving me some Internet savvy and providing the hardware/software (and unlimited download broadband). In honour of Peter I will post what is one of my absolutely favourite music videos........look out for a cameo appearance by Donny Osmond!

(disclaimer: Peter's favourite song is not "Happy Days"........)


  1. Congratulations on your 200th post! And that HILARIOUS video is a perfect way to celebrate, I must say. Unbelievable!!

  2. What the heck?????? I have obviously not been online for a while... That was great! Gratulerer med 200 innlegg! You seriously rock at this blog thing!


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