Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Books? Rather!

I say, old chap, the Famous Five books make a jolly good read!

Some decades ago I used to devour the books telling the adventures of Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timothy the dog, their picnics and outings with gingerbeer. I'm happy to say it's now the time for the next generation. Doodlebug is enjoying these books and I'm thrilled that they capture his imagination. They are a little slower paced than some of the other books published for his age group these days, and I was interested to see if he'd take to them. A lot of junior fiction now cater more for the shorter attention spans, and the action pretty much happens straight away in the first chapter.

Waiting on his nighttable for its turn is Morris Gleitzman's "Toad Heaven". We fell in love with Limpy the cane toad in "Toad Rage" and were happy to see that his adventures continue with "Toad Heaven" and "Toad Away".

Turtle's still enjoying his old favourites, and is not yet ready to branch out. He loves non-fiction and far prefers to read books on trains, planes and any other sort of transportation. But he still enjoys being read to at night as long as the book has some pictures. He does like "The Adventures of Charlie Small" but we are waiting for the next book in the series.

Little Possum finished all her Henrietta books and was sad that there aren't any more. But... Emily Rodda's "Fairy Realm" series has proven to be popular.

Me? I'm happy to report that I have not bought any new books this month..... although I will admit I have stared longingly at several.


  1. our boys love the famous five too...and Fletch reading the Deltora series(Emily rodda) for the second time.i love them all too.I read them "The naughtiest girl "recetly its brilliant
    Youre a good girl not to buy a book...but hey just do it:)
    and woah those scars are close...phew.blessed huh
    love Bron:)

  2. I loved the Famous Five books too, I've still got my old collection but the boys haven't been interested yet, I guess I'll just have to start reading it to them at night. They loved the Faraway Tree books though. Sam's ploughing through the Deltora series for the first time and Ethan is plugging along with Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets. Gotta love books!

  3. Mari you poor thing - I can just imagine your longing stares in the secondhand book shop holding yourself from stretching forth your hand!


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