Sunday, 1 June 2008

things just got a little louder around here

Remember Animal from the Muppet Show? One of my favourite characters apart from the adorable Green One and Miss Piggy of course (and the Swedish Chef......)

Both boys are playing percussion in the school band, and have so far had to make do with rubber practice pads for practising at home. We had considered buying a drum kit, price permitting. I lucked out on eBay last week (gotta love eBay) and acquired a drumkit for $50..... that was worth a drive to the other side of Sydney to collect it. Hopefully Peter agrees since he was the one who did the actual collecting. That is the division of eBay labour around here..... I buy and he collects..... ("honey, I just bought a bookcase/dresser/other terribly useful thing on eBay, would you be able to pick it up this weekend?")

The kids are all so excited to have an almost complete drumkit (missing the cymbal at the moment), but there is the slightest little thought of "uh-oh, what have we let ourselves in for". But despite all the enthusiastic drumming, I think I still prefer it to early stage violin playing.
Let the fun begin!!!


  1. Great deal! Enjoy the lovely music!

  2. Having grown up in a house where I played violin and my brother played drums, I do think you're right.

    Good for you on that find - your kids must be so happy!!

    Now just get some ear plugs...! ;-)

  3. Looks like they are having fun! Ola is still on his rubber pad practicing... but he keeps telling me he really really neeeeds a drum set....

  4. You're brave Mari! Although I guess drums often aren't that much noisier than kids themselves:) And I like your ebay arrangement, sounds like a good plan!

  5. thats so funny about you orderign the stuff and peter having to go and collect.. anyway he earns lots of points for himself though huh:)
    we have the flute at our place but have had requests for drums sure will be worth it for your boys though.

  6. You're a brave lady Mari! I'm sure our boys would loooove a drum set, but I think we better not strech our neighbours' patience any further since we already have a harmonium, an accordion, a few harmonicas and tin whistles, a flute, a keyboard etc and oh, did I mention that we live in apartment building? ;-)

  7. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I would die! I think I'd have to buy a graden shed to house it! Good luck with your rockers!


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