Friday, 27 June 2008

Tonsils, PCs and public health messages......

This week I became ill this week with two separate infections that require some dynamite antibiotics to conquer them. When I say "dynamite"I am not referring only to their strength, but to their size and shape...... (MOTH thought they were pessaries...). Getting that first pill down past my infected tonsils was a challenge not unlike childbirth minus the epidural, but thankfully of a lot shorter duration :)

I always knew that my PC and I have a strong bond, but until this week I didn't know how strong... As my temperatures soared and I shivered, my PC came down with sympathy illness resulting in a fried motherboard. Panadol doesn't work with PCs... So while MOTH/NOTH* is fixing/rebuilding my PC he has set me up an account on the kids' PC and I am almost back to normal. I just have to wait for my turn :)

Meanwhile Turtle (DS7) has apparently taken on supervising the general health and wellbeing of the family:
T: "Mum, have you had your pap test?"
Me: "pap test?" (mind racing to work out where that question came from....)
T: "Yes, pap test, you should be having one every two years"
(his message delivered, Turtle leaves the kitchen and I pick up my jaw from the floor... and I realise with some relief that he has been paying attention to the current TV campaign, but that he probably doesn't actually know what it entails)

In other words, just another ordinary week in our house.

*NOTH = Nerd Of The House


  1. I hope you and your pc feel better soon, more especially you! xx

  2. thought you might have been crook...thinking of you and hope you get well soon
    lots love bron
    ps so cool,about catherine covey...amamzing and love your good read reviews etc

  3. How are the B*W*LS??? :) Love Ya, hope everything's regular.

  4. :) Like clockwork (every hour on the hour......) Jer 4:19

  5. Hope you get better soon. Oh the things kids say....I have a funny story about Adiel too, but maybe I'll share it privately :-)

  6. dont ya just love how private blogs are...all this talk about bwl's hee....good we all friends
    love the turtle roll.thinking of ya buddy
    x bron


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