Thursday, 22 July 2010

next up is .... "Sand Castles" !

I am feeling incredibly productive these days, finishing off UFO's and WIP's at a good pace. There are butterflies fluttering all over my "Butterfly Garden" and there are holly leaves and berries "growing" on my Christmas quilt. I have booked my Japanese print quilt in for quilting with my friend Adri. She does amazing work, and offered to baste the rest of it for me ready for my handquilting while she was at it. On the assembly line by the sewing machine I have 626 rectangles waiting to be assembled into blocks for my "Sparkling Gemstones".... Woo hoo, I'm on fire!

Little Possum has moved to a new bed and wants a new quilt, one that properly represents her status as more "growed up" - (almost 8). We both fell in love with "Sand Castles" created by Becky. Becky is relatively new to quilting, but obviously has a great talent for it. Go visit her blog now, she is doing a great Giveaway.

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  1. I'm in love with this design as well. Becky's so talented!


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