Saturday, 31 July 2010

Works in Progress

Some months there are finishes, but this is not one of those months..... Doesn't mean I haven't been busy :)

I have started hand quilting Little Possum's Fairytale quilt:

Started the applique of holly leaves on the Christmas quilt. Still undecided whether I want to make 100 or so small suffolk puffs for the berries, or to just use buttons

I have finished cutting rectangles and white strips for the "Sparkling gemstones" quilt:

Observed that despite some stashbusting this past week, there is still a lot of stash left. Must get better at the Low-Fabric diet and use twice as much as I buy...

And on the subject of diets, here is what I have tried not to devour this week - the fund-raising chocolates...... Am I the only one who can hear their voices? "eat me, eat me".

Mmmmmm -

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  1. lol I can hear the voices too!! Stashes are healthier though...


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