Monday, 19 July 2010

Nine Ladies Dancing make 12

My longest standing UFO is the 12 Days of Christmas quilt designed by Tita Leach. I started it gulp> 5 years ago now. It has lingered for 2 years waiting for the dancing shoes. Last week I grabbed the bull by the horns the shoes by their ribbons, picked my fabrics and got stitching.

Now all the blocks are mostly done and I assembled them

There are still the embellishments to be done - beads and buttons. But..... I seem to have misplaced the ones I bought 5 years ago. There also the small matter of a border to be appliqued with holly leaves and (what seems like) a million suffolk puff holly berries. I am really not a fan of making suffolk puffs, but that's another story.
Anyway - Christmas is coming!

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