Wednesday, 10 October 2007

5 good reasons to eat chocolate

Now you see them.....

Now you don't........

Every once in a while Peter surprises me with a special treat, like these chocolates from Jeff de Bruges that appeared from out of his daypack yesterday evening.... There were originally more chocs than in the photo above, but I naturally had to have a little taster last night! Of course the obvious question arises - how come there were any left over this morning? The answer is simple... The chocolates appeared after I had already had a dessert of chocolate mud cake and vanilla icecream..

Along with the chocolates came an endlessly useful little leaflet containing photos of the whole JdB range, as well as
"Jeff de Bruges' 7 good reasons for eating chocolate":

1.It's good for your health
2.It brings you back to your youth
3.It helps fight the blues
4.It's a source of energy
5 It fights stress
6 It's a symbol of sensual pleasure
7.Just for the sheer pleasure
So, according to my calculations, another kilo of these delights will turn me into a joyful, energetic teenager again..... Now where's that web address - I could order right now..... I'll be back later......
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  1. Hi, Mari! Thanks for your comment - I'm really glad you received your copy of "Shadow Wine and Truth Lilies" alright and that you like it!! The Chocolate Song and Where The Wild Things Are are my family's favourites, too! I'm bummed right now 'cause it's looking like I might not have time to make it to Jeff de Bruges while I'm in Sydney... it can't be! I might have to change my flights. You gotta have priorities! lol.


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