Thursday, 11 October 2007

Meet Tommy....

This is Tommy Rex, T-Rex for short. He arrived in the household as Turtle's birthday present specially chosen by Peter. He had been very drawn to the Lego kit with the USB interfacing at first (he is a geek after all) but settled on this kit with a squillion Lego pieces including some high tech motor/gears/soundbox pieces and remote control. TRex was lovingly assembled over 3 hours today by some excellent family teamwork... (i.e. Peter and myself with a little help from the boys and running commentary by Little Possum). Now we have a moving, grooving, roaring, glow in the dark lego dinosaur. Cool.


  1. Well I reckon he's going to get into anamatronics.. or something!
    when was his birthday? sorry I missed the opportunity to bring something chocolatey


  2. I can't believe Thomas got me on this one! Totally straight face and everything!

  3. yes, he does that poker face really well.....


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