Friday, 5 October 2007

Pink ribbon month!!!

October is pink ribbon month in support of breast cancer awareness and research, so please buy a pink ribbon or other pink product to support this worthy cause!
Also, by visiting the following website you can help underprivileged women access a mammogram by the simple click of a button!


  1. You are quilting your Leanne's House BOM already and have not made a single post about it ??
    I found it on your Ufo and Wip slide show though and it looks good!
    What happened to the dream project from earlier this autumn - started ?? Forgotten ?? ;-)
    From your earlier posts I figure you are from Sogn og Fjordane - Florø district ??

    If you check your profile an check the make your email visible your blog comments will be directly replyable -that is neat and much easier than going through your blog to answer your comment.
    See, I come through to you with an email address. You come through to me as a no-reply-comment.

    Your star quilt looks very good too :-)
    I can relate to bying fabrics to scrap quilts.

  2. The dream project has not been forgotten..... I am just being very strict and not starting anything new until I finish my UFOs

  3. I just bought some pink tim tams and some a pink water (well the lid is pink) - the tim tams are very delicious :)

  4. Pink tim tams! Great way to support the cause!


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