Friday, 26 October 2007

Life according to Little Possum

I am really going to miss my little companion once she starts school. She is a little chatterbox, and I love her view on life, the world etc. - good thing, because she shares it freely, all the time.... :)
LP on pickles:
She asked me to remove the pickle from her McD cheeseburger. When I pulled it out she said "It's the pickle of doooooom!"
LP on mud:
While making mud from builder's sand in the preschool : "I'm having a glorious time!"
LP on bouncing :
She had a great bounce around on our bed one morning, then she flopped down on her back and said "Aaaaaaahhh, that was really refreshing!"
LP's manners:
"Mum, could you possibly make me a sandwich with three slices, triple lot Nutella and the top crust cut off and bring it to me, because after walking to the toy room, my legs are going to be really tired....."
This is just a selection of the little things that have amused me this week.

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  1. what a precious crack up! that's definitely for the journal - print and stick!


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