Friday, 24 August 2007

Norway experience - our house....

This house was built by my great-grandfather in the late 1800's and it was modernised somewhat after WWII. My great uncle lived here and when widowed his sister moved here. She was a keen gardener and the house was famous for having the most spectacular garden in the area. It was full of flowers from spring until late autumn. There was also an abundance of fruits, berries and vegetables.
My great-uncle used to fish in the fjord, and provided them and visitors with a seemingly endless supply of fresh salmon which was enjoyed in the traditional Norwegian way..... poached and served with potatoes and vegetables.

This photo and the next one were taken at 9.30pm... so as you can see, a month after midsummer it is already starting to get dark early..............

The boatshed/woodshed with our little vegepatch in front. It was great to pull out fresh potatoes out of the ground for dinner.

Here is the bigger view with the barn on the left. It is complete with a 3-seater outhouse. This amused the children no end.
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