Friday, 24 August 2007

The Travelogue is ready!!!

We arrived home late Wed evening and Thursday disappeared in a bit of a blur of emptying suitcases and wandering around in a post-travel haze. The flight home was looooooong, but the children were amazing again. We went from a jam-packed flight Helsinki-Hong Kong to a very roomy Cathay Pacific flight HK-Sydney. We had 2 middle rows to ourselves and so the children were able to spread out and sleep. Thomas slept for a full 6 hours, while Jake whole-heartedly embraced the on flight personal entertainment system and watched movies, played games, listened to music etc. Lucie played happily with her new Polly Pocket toys. These are her latest favourite and a very handy size for travelling as the name might indicate. Although...... it was a bit of a stinker to crawl around the floor between the seats hunting for the pieces that fell down.

I have given our travelling experience some thought and decided that travelling around the world with my children can be made easier by - a good supply of biscuits, snacks, toys, friendly cabin-crew and favourite cuddly toys. Note to self - next time wear tomato pasta sauce coloured top since this will better hide the splodges of airplane food...

Anyway - I found myself sleepless on the 2nd night home, and since the boys both woke up at 3am to keep me company, I decided to make good use of the time. First I tucked the boys up in the sofa in front of the TV for a bit of DVD watching. Then I made a call to Serena in London (lovely to talk to you!!!!) before finally settling down with a mug of hot chocolate (failed to make me sleepy) and a bit of blogging. I decided to present most of our holiday in a travelogue. Because I could only post 4 photos at a time due to the size (should probably downsize next time), the travelogue is spread over multiple posts - but easily identifiable by their titles. Hope you enjoy living our experience vicariously!

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  1. I had a feeling I must have missed you...:-( Enjoyed the travelogue no end though. Our summer has been a little crazier than I would have liked. The two times I decided I could sit down and call you, I didn't have access to your phone number. Grrr. The kids are really gorgeous - and you are an amazing mother! Not that I ever doubted you would be... I do sometimes miss the simplicity of life with smaller children. Nyt det Mari - det går så fort! Tenk, Celine blir russ til våren! Glad i deg! Vi får heler holde kontakten via mail - klem fra Joanna


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