Thursday, 16 August 2007

our holiday library

While on holiday we visited the local library. This is a library that serves a community of 6500 people.
The photos are of the children's section only and do not show the media corner that had one wall of audio books and another of DVD/videos. I was really impressed with the number of books and quality of the library in general and I told the librarian that this library (which is regarded as a "small" one) completely outshines my local library. He told me that the local municipalities in Norway prioritise library services and that the government has a "Culture Fund" which allots grants to libraries etc. I am glad to see a return from the extortionately high income tax paid in Norway. Of course, my children did not enjoy the library as much as they could have had they been able to understand Norwegian. They did, however, enjoy the DVDs and we also found a "Horrid Henry" book in the English section (yes..... the library also has a foreign languages section for chilren....).
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