Friday, 24 August 2007

Norway experience - Svanhild

This old sailship - the "Svanhild" - was built in 1889 down at the seafront 100 mtrs away from our house. It has been restored, and the local neighbourhood committee arranged a visit "home" for the ship. So it happened quite by luck that we were there during the "Svanhild Day".
A welcoming committee dressed in period clothes were waiting on the pier, and the flags were flying at all the surrounding farms and houses. Jake noted the flags - we love our flag in Norway and fly it for every special occasion - family or more public occasions and in the smaller communities all flags will fly at half mast when a local resident dies.
We were all allowed to climb onboard for a special visit and to explore the ship. Here is the ladder from the sleeping quarters to the deck.
A great time had by all, and nobody fell overboard.
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