Friday, 24 August 2007

The Norway experience - the last day

LP and Turtle at the "Teknisk Museum" in Oslo, testing out the viscosity of various fluids by pumping bubbles through them. Lucie is in practice for a future at the gym on the step machine...... We had a great visit to the museum which can best be compared to the Powerhouse museum in Sydney or the Science Museum in London. The most popular section was this interactive Science area.

Concentration level was high as Doodlebug was balancing a beach ball on the jet of air from an overgrown hair dryer, trying to guide the ball through the hoops. He did not give up until he had it licked, and then did it a few more times just to prove that he had really mastered it.

And then, after a wonderful month, it was time to return to Sydney. Bye bye for now, hopefully it won't be too long until next time. We are thinking that we ought to do winter next time around.
Morfar took us to the airport and it was very sad to say good-bye.

This is at the airport in Helsinki Finland, while we waited to board our flight for the second leg of the journey to Hong Kong.
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