Friday, 3 August 2007

Norwegian tooth fairy performs admirably!

Turtle lost another tooth and then proceeded to lose it. We had to write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining the situation. In the morning Turtle looked under his pillow and was very disappointed to find there was no money. This was until I explained that the tooth fairy works differently in Norway. By the bed was a glass of water and in the glass was a coin. The tooth fairy had been very understanding of Turtle's predicament and accepted the note in lieu of the tooth. Happy toothless smiles all around.

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  1. Hey there! Great that it's all going so well - couldn't think how else to contact you..........???

    I'm so jealous of your trip, sounds wonderful..but we have a trip of our own coming up - christmas in Cyprus - then (drum roll please.....) we'll be in Oz by mid-Jan Den den derrrrrrrr!!!!!

    Call please :-)


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