Sunday, 30 September 2007

Random music and more

I was going to post a photo of Little Possum's quilt that I finished this week, but the camera has gone missing somewhere in the house. The children borrowed it, so the contents of the SD card will probably bring some surprises like close-up shots of nostrils etc.

Today brought an email from one of my best friends during the high school years - Andrea. The years have brought us to different parts of the world, and it was lovely to hear from her again although I think I aged visibly at the thought of how many years it has been since the last time we met.

And then this evening as I was sitting down at the computer I listed the 10 first songs that played. - bit of a mixed bag again.....
1. Jewel "Cold song"
2. The Clouds "Misery" (good title to follow a song about a cold...)
3. Phil Collins "Take me home" (PC is one of my favourite sing-out-loud-in-the-car artists)
4. Elvis Costello "Good time for the roses"
5. Akasha "Crazy baby" (don't even know where that one came from..... must belong to MOTH)
6. Michelle Shocked "VFD" (definately a MOTH selection)
7. English Patient soundtrack "Cave of Swimmers" (wasn't that the longest movie? Wonderful, but very long)
8. Björk "Army of Me" (MOTH)
9. Flying Lizards "Money (That's what I want)"
10. Mannheim Steamroller "Interlude VII" (will my reputation ever recover...)


  1. Hi, Mari! Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to Shadow Wine and Truth Lilies and thinking about buying the record. I can't tell you how exciting that is for me. And to think someone else might see themselves reflected in the songs or just enjoy the same emotional landscape as me or just like what we've created! Wow. Please do come and say hi at The Basement if you make it to the gig. I was just looking at your blogs and profile and I SO relate... Yes I'm one of those people who am more likely to be found at a book store or searching for the nearest chocolate shop... lol. Are there any good ones in Sydney that Dan and I should check out when we're down there? oh! Also, to save you some money, if you do buy the record it's cheaper through my web site than in stores! x

  2. Hi Fiona
    Well, I'm happy to give my personal recommendation to these chocolate shops:
    Jeff de Bruges, 105 King str (Belgian...mmm...)
    Haigh's chocolate, the Strand arcade (Australian).
    Hope you find the time to indulge while you are down in Sydney!!!

  3. Thanks so much for suggesting those chocolate shops! I'll make time to check 'em out! A woman's gotta have priorities!.. lol.


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