Thursday, 20 September 2007

UFO's - again!!!

I cleared out of Jake's closet today and moved all my stash in their plastic crates to my sewing corner. It feels like a step down from having a sewing room, but I am happy to vacate the room so the boys can have separate rooms. Anyhoo... While clearing out, I found yet more UFO's that have been hiding in the back of the closet. The stack continues to grow, but I hope this is it now.

The ducks.... started 3 years ago - I am just quilting around the motifs of this duck panel.

My Noah's Ark (Debbie Mumm) quilt top.... could never decide on the fabric for the border so it remains half done

"Families are forever"
Another early work of my patchwork career, hence the very badly joined up corners!
A lot of stitching yet to be done, then the backing, quilting, binding.....

The Sunflower Quilt is a charity project. It's a tied quilt - 4 of us had fun sitting around it tying and chatting.
I just need to put the binding on........
So, I think that brings the total to 8 UFO's and 2 WIP's... I hope to finish all the UFO's and one of the WIP's this year. Watch this space!!!
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