Monday, 10 September 2007

UFO's and WIP's

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I will not allow myself to start a new project until I have finished my UFO's/WIP's. Here they are:

The "I spy" attic windows just needs binding.... should take me a couple of evenings.

The Australia All Over quilt is being handquilted but I'm over the halfway mark. Should be done by Christmas (sounds long? This has been a WIP for almost 3 years)

Leanne's House...... started almost 3 years ago, has been lingering for a year now. Just put the border on today and sandwiched it ready for quilting. Haven't quite worked out the style of quilting yet.

My longest standing UFO which I converted back to WIP last week. Started almost 4 years ago. Need to finish this before Little Possum decides princesses are no longer The Best.
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  1. These quilts are beautiful - you have to finish them so thet don't go folded back to the UFO cupboard!

  2. Hi, I just found your blog! You had left a comment over at May Britt's blog. I got curious and moved over to you! I realized that you are norwegian, but living in "exile"!
    I have enjoyed reading about your "Norges-ferie"! Love the pattern of the quilt you are manking for your little daughter and your Leannes House BOM! I am making it myself!
    Take care from Norway!


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