Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Simply grateful

for my mother....

In the 2 years since she passed away I have had many occasions to miss her presence here. All those little happenings in my life, the antics of the children where I still automatically think of calling my mother to share. But, I believe that she looks in on us once in a while and I tell the kids this. They are thrilled at the thought that Bestemor is keeping an eye on her precious grandchildren.

I am grateful for having such a mother in my life, and grateful for the warm relationship that we had. What prompted this reflection today was something I found during a closet clearout. I found my journal from 2 years ago and a copy of the eulogies offered at my mother's funeral. Her minister and friend described her like this:
"She took trials, sorrow and joys for what it was and lived a quietly righteous life. She did not make herself noticed, but represented the qualities a society needs.
One could gain wisdom by listening to what she had to say although she never lectured. She was a person completely without bitter feelings, although occasionally discouraged and saddened by her afflictions. I know of no other person who's managed to remain upright, keep the gleam in her eye, the humour and wit, like she did. Of stature she was so small you almost worried about breathing too hard in her direction, but at the same time she was stronger and more resilient than most of us. Our family experienced being part of something essential and rich from the day we got to know her. This incredibly strong little person taught me more about life and living, sorrow and joy, of strength and faith than I have ever learned from voluminous books".

My mother had many trials and afflictions throughout her life, but at the end she said - and truly felt - that she had a good life. I feel honoured to be her daughter and if I can even gain a fraction of her qualities, I would be glad.

Until we meet again........... hvil i fred, mamma!

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  1. What an absolutely correct and beautiful description of your mother. She was a true saint. Thank you for sharing your thoughts... Love


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