Saturday, 29 March 2008

homeless no more.....

Turtwig has long wanted a little place to call his own. Although sharing Turtle's bed was not all bad, he quite often found himself under the bed, having fallen under there in the night. The dust bunnies were friendly enough but brought out Turtwig's allergy. Also, the decor under the bed left much to be desired - drab colours and bad lighting.

So, Turtwig requested that Turtle design him a house. Turtle gladly took on the task, drew a house that MOTH helped to turn into proper plans using ruler, protractor and compass (Turtle had a great maths lesson in calculating angles etc). A trip to Bunning's followed in order to get the materials and colours worthy of Turtwig. A day in the shed using MOTH's new jigsaw, Turtle's new tool belt and some pots of paint resulted in a beautiful new home for Turtwig.

He is very happy and is hoping to feature in Pokemon Better Homes and Gardens.


  1. How flippin' stylish is this! I'm impressed, love the colours.

  2. Great job! How creative is he?! Great choice of colors!


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