Saturday, 1 March 2008

life in the trenches...

Well.... it seems the fad of turning your yard into a mudpit has spread from Carli's place. A couple of days ago a little yellow digger arrived in our garden - at 7 am no less. This work was obviously not unexpected, but it wasn't supposed to start for another couple of weeks. However, the wife of the digger man is expecting a baby any day, and had told him in no uncertain terms that he was not to schedule any work beyond this weekend. So he asked if he could move the digging day. Fair enough.

Within hours the concrete driveway and the lawn to one side of it had been transformed. And then as luck would have it, we had a torrential downpour of rain, making a lovely pool of mud right at our doorstep.

FIL gave strict instructions to keep the children out of it as he was worried about the piles of dirt collapsing. Well, you know my kids...... so can you imagine trying to separate them from the best thing to happen to our yard for ages? They came home from school and 3 pairs of eyes practically glazed over, they were so excited by what they saw....

I guess I'm a little oppositional too, because I let the kids in to make mudpies on the strict condition they did not climb over the mounds of dirt.
I obviously hadn't been specific enough as LP decided the trench between the mounds were not covered by the agreement and was therefore not off limits. Her talent for finding loopholes would be put to good use as a lawyer... (or politics?....)

As you can see the boys decided that swimmers/boardies were most suitable (easier to rinse off in the shower afterwards. They are nothing but practical...)

On day 2 most of the water had drained out, and we had some lovely clay to work with......

On day 3 FIL turned up and saw obvious evidence..... I suppose it was naive of me to think he'd find that little clay sculptures were a natural occurrence..... cue another admonition.

By the way..... did I mention that the rest of the landscaping will still happen on the scheduled day? Let's see, that's 11 more days of trench warfare....


  1. Looks like heaps of fun! How goes the trench warfare?

  2. Looks like fun! But I know that getting past that to the door would mean a very muddy floor (and you have to live with it for a while!!). I am feeling for you.

  3. Mud mud glorious mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood! Although quite the opposite effect for mums!


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