Monday, 10 March 2008

our weekend guest

Being a dog person and having grown up with dogs in the family, I miss their presence. So when friends asked if we could mind their dog while they went away for the weekend I was more than happy to accept.
Chelsea is very well behaved for an adolescent dog..... in fact she was better at taking instructions than our children. The children generally enjoyed having her around, playing 'fetch' and taking her for walks, although in LP's case I think it was hard to tell who was taking who for walkies.... Chelsea would pull her along at speed. So for safety, LP restricted her dogwalking to the garden.
LP was less than impressed at losing one of her"Littlest Pet Shop" toys to "Jaws". But, to have only one decapitated little plastic bunny was not a bad result. Having been warned about Chelsea's fondness for soft toys, we had hidden every teddy with sentimental value.

The timing of our dogsitting weekend was perhaps not the best, it turns out Chelsea likes mud as much as the kids do. The difference is that she, clever though she may be, did not see the significance of the red/white tape. The mud puddle was apparently a perfect place to cool down after a long walk, so she laid down in the mud for a little rest. She was not impressed at the indignity of a public shower with the garden hose afterwards.

But despite the hosing down she seemed to enjoy her time with us.

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